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Pneumatic & hydraulic actuators and valves
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purchase service
Flyking¡¯s salesmen will give the customers detailed guidelines when they are purchasing machines,and introduce the methods of operation ;security matters;maintenance checks and other important knowledge about the machines in detail ,to ensure that customers can fully grasp the knowledge about the machines.
Make inspection services regularly about new machines:
For middle-scale and large-scale new equipment which had delivered and put into use,we will give return inspection services regularly.If you found any anomalies with the machine or had any queries,please feedback to us.
Irregularly users visit
Flyking¡¯s visiting team which consists of professional engineers will visit the users ov-site irregularly,and inspect your machines¡¯ performance comprehensively,,give recommendations to you.
Special regular inspection service
We can privide users with special regular inspection service through making a paid service contract with the user.Detect and remove machinery hiding breakdown which was brought about by the wearing and tearing of ageing of the machine.
On-site maintenance service
For repair the machinery breakdown on-site quickly,Feijun is equipped with dedicated service vehicles which can fly to the scene readily and adequate maintenance equipment and tools.
Please inform the followingwhen you cantact with us
The type and number of the machine
Working hours ,the failure parts and phenomenons;
Failure machine¡¯s location and contact methods
Advisory servises
Flyking has a wide variety of enterprises and hydraulic products,if you want to buy our products,welcome to contact us anytime,we can also appoint our professional engineers to help you choose machine models and recommend products to meet customers¡¯demands.
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